Gen Z Things That Confuse Millennials


Hey, Millennials! Ever feel like you’re just starting to get the hang of this adulting thing, only to realize you’re already behind on the latest trends? Or worse, that the generation after you thinks you’re not cool or savvy enough to hang out with them?

It’s like high school cliques all over again.

We’ve been there, and we’ve got to cut ourselves some slack. So what if we don’t understand the need for complicated coffee orders or how to make a heart with the index and middle fingers? We’re still thriving in the real world. But, since no knowledge is wasted and just for the sake of research, let’s explore some of the Gen Z crazes that might have you scratching your head or chuckling in bewilderment.

Let’s begin.

TikTok: Not Just a Clock Sound

First stop, we have TikTok, and no, this isn’t just a clock sound or the amazing 2010 song by Kesha. It’s similar to peak Facebook, but on steroids. This platform is all about snappy, catchy videos, which for millennials might be out of their depth, especially when it comes to mastering a viral dance trend in 15 seconds. However, the great thing about TikTok is you can literally do anything or post any type of content. You don’t need to cater to the youngins there. Your demographic is equally there, so make the content you’d like to see.

E-Girls and E-Boys

Back in our day, we had emos and goths, but now there’s a new crew in town: e-girls and e-boys. Picture lots of neon, anime influences, hair that’s dyed in the front and a mix of thrift store finds that somehow look chic when they wear them. They seem almost unreal and edgy, especially when they hit that vape juice, which millennials can get in on any time they like. This subculture of Gen Zs lives half in the digital world and half out, and honestly, it’s pretty cool and somewhat mysterious.

Saving the World, One Reusable Straw at a Time

We’ve got to hand it to Gen Z for taking sustainability to heart. They’re one of the most eco-conscious generations with their turtle-saving initiatives.


They’re all about thrifting, zero waste, and knowing the carbon footprint of their breakfast, which is why they hold up the line at the breakfast restaurant. It’s amazing, but when did veganism become so mainstream?


Just when we thought we were tech-savvy, along came cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Gen Zs are out here trading digital art and investing in Bitcoin like it’s no big deal. Meanwhile, some of us are still trying to figure out how many quarters go into a parking meter.

The 90s Called, They Want Their Fashion Back.

We lived through scrunchies, baggy jeans, and flannel shirts the first time around. Now, Gen Z has decided it’s all vintage and chic. It’s bizarre seeing our childhood wardrobe in high school hallways again, but hey, maybe we were trendsetters after all.

Cancel Culture

Activism has changed a lot since the days of signing petitions in college. Gen Z’s approach is fast and furious on social media, ready to call out and “cancel” anyone or anything that steps out of line.


The power they wield through their phones is intense and sometimes confusing, but it sure gets people talking. Just don’t be on the receiving end of it.

Memes on Memes

Let’s talk about memes. They’re a language of their own now. Gen Z can convey a whole philosophy in a single, often bizarre, image. For the rest of us, keeping up with their meme game feels like learning a new language. You have to keep revisiting the glossary.


So there we have it – a few of the things that make Gen Z tick. As millennials, trying to keep up with Gen Z while balancing life’s other surprises like mortgage rates and retirement plans might be a bit of a puzzle at times, but it definitely keeps things interesting. Whether you’re trying to decode the latest slang or just figuring out your TV streaming subscriptions, it’s all about staying curious and enjoying the ride. Here’s to navigating this quirky yet constantly evolving age together, with hashtags, memes, and all!